Thursday, October 7, 2010


I know it is difficult for people living in Dar Es Salaam who have bisexual, if nnot homosexual rtendencies to come out in the open. One of the reasons is the hypocritic nature of this society, when you have had an encounter, not necessarily a sexual, and the information flows all over. It is the actual Tanzanian-Indian tendency that I have just described. Then the same guys go and get married and a year leater we see them nurturing their baby.... while still glancing down at your crotch!

I like the Arab guys, much more handsome, more appealing, but can also be a set of hypocrites. But at least there is a fair amount of homosexual behaviour amidst them, for them not to feel an encounter to be totally new, even though they have revised a male to male encounter in their minds a million times before!

The funniest was when I was kissing an Indian guy (who could not even kiss), and started playing with his ass through his trousers.... he said, 'Let us just hug, I like just hugging'. My poor John was so reasy for an encounter! It just had to subdue.

Question is, what are you other herre facing? Please share experience and anything else, even meet on my blog and have fun together if you like. I am only around in this couontry for a couple more years!

Let us share, like we care.